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College/ Transcript/ NCAA


Do you need help finding a college that is right for you.  You can utilize College Search Engines such as:  CollegeScoreCard (Custom Search), College Navigator CollegeBoard Big Future

If you are interested in attending a post high school program that specializing in training students for a specific vocational trade, or the Texas Workforce Solutions may be able to assist you in identifying a Technical school.


letters of recommendation/resume

Students are encouraged to identify at least 3 people who would be willing to write a positive letter of recommendation (required for many scholarship applications). Be ready to provide the following to each recommender:

  • To WHOM the letter of recommendation should be addressed.
  • WHEN you need the letter (1-2 weeks' notice is preferred)
  • WHERE the letter should be mailed (or if you plan to pick it up).
  • IMPORTANT: Provide a copy of your personal resume. Below are examples of what you can include on your personal resume.



Automatic & Alternative Admissions

By state law, students ranked in the Top 10% of their class, can qualify for automatic admissions to any public college/university in Texas.  In order to qualify, students must reach the Distinguished Level of Achievement on the Foundations with Endorsement graduation plan and must complete all admissions requirements by the college's admissions deadline.

Exceptions include:  

  *The University of Texas at Austin 
    (UT's standard varies from top 6-8%)
  * Private colleges are not held to this policy  
  *Out-of-State colleges are not held to this policy

If you are not in the top 10% and are unsure if you will be admitted, check to see if your desired university has an alternative admissions program , whereby you could be accepted after successfully completing courses at a less competitive college.  Examples of these programs include:  

 * UT-Austin's CAP Program
  * Texas Tech's Gateway Program
  * A&M's Alternative Admissions Program


Admissions Application Assistance

Do you need assistance in identifying a career field that matches your natural interests and abilities?  If so, the LVHS College & Career Center can help!  The College & Career Center is located in the Counseling Center in room A102D.  Ms. Purtell can assist students in the completion of college admissions, financial aid applications, SAT/ACT registration, College Searches, as well as Career Interest Inventories.  Email Theresa Purtell if you would like to schedule an appointment.   

transition to college

There are steps you can take each year to prepare for your transition to college.  It is important to be proactive in this process.  Your Counselor can help. 

For helpful college-transition tips,
check out the following guides: 

  • Senior Survival Guide  -  Submit your college applications, send transcripts, request letters of recommendation, apply for financial aide, etc. 

College Application


Apply Texas

One application for as many public Texas universities as you want.  

If you are unsure how to access the online application of your desired college, simply visit the college's website and click on "Admissions" for "First-Time Freshman".  You will likely see a "Apply Now" button.


Grades, Rank & GPA

You can view your grades, rank, GPA, & (unofficial) transcript information via Home Access Center.  Only semester grades are posted on transcripts.  LVHS recalculates Rank/GPA twice a year (January and June). 

To access Rank/GPA information, log into Home Access Center, then click on the "A+ Grades" Icon. 

Home Access Center Icon


Transcript Requests

Official Transcript

An important college admission requirement is to send an official copy of your LVHS transcript to your prospective college. 

To request an official high school transcript, you can complete the online transcript request form. 

Transcript Request Link

See Dual Credit page of this website for links to request your ASU or Howard College dual credit transcript.  Due to privacy laws, LVHS cannot request a college transcript for a student.  


NCAA Eligibility Center

If you plan to participate in collegiate sports (Division I or II), you should begin by registering at NCAA's website.  Once a student finalizes the registration process, NCAA contacts LVHS and requests an electronic copy of the student's current transcript.   It is important that you also send your SAT/ACT scores to NCAA.  This request can be made at the time you register for the test, using NCAA's code (#9999) .  Your SAT/ACT scores & GPA are important factors that NCAA uses to determine if you are eligible to participate in collegiate sports.  Talk to your counselor if you would like more detailed information.