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SAT ACT TSI & Test Prep


If you plan to apply to a 4 year university, you
should take an SAT and/or ACT test no later
than Spring of your Junior year

If you wait until Senior year to test, you will not only limit your retest opportunities, but you could
endanger your admission to your prospective university (due to a failure to provide your
SAT/ACT scores by the admissions deadline). 

See links below for SAT/ACT test
dates, deadlines, fees, & registration info.

ACT Website 

SAT Website

SAT - ACT Information Guide!


TSI Testing

Before taking a college level course, the State of Texas requires students to prove college readiness by passing a TSI tests in the following areas:

  • TSI-A2 Math Test (Passing Score = 950, or 910 with Diagnostic Level 6)

  • TSI-A2 ELAR Test (English Language Arts/Reading) Test Passing Score = 945, plus a 5 on the essay, or 910 with Diagnostic Level 5, plus 5 on essay

Students who are not TSI-Exempt
(see exemption information below) , can take the TSI test at:

Students can be  EXEMPT from the TSI test, with one of the following:


  • A student must first achieve a minimum composite score of 23 with..
  • least 19 on math for an exemption in math, and/or
  • least 19 on English for an exemption in reading & writing

SAT (administered on or after March 5, 2016) : No combined score is required.

  • A minimum score of 530 on the Math test for an exemption in math

  • A minimum score of 480 on the Evidenced-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) for an exemption in reading & writing.

SAISD has an agreement with (only) Angelo State & Howard College, that passing grades in senior level  "College Prep English &/or Math" courses can prove TSI standards for that subject area.

For Dual Credit purposes only, students can meet TSI Reading & Writing standards by making a 4000 or higher on the English II STAAR Test, and can meet TSI Math standards by scoring a 4000 or higher on the Algebra I STAAR Test.

Students who are not TSI-Exempt can take the TSI test at:

ASU's TSI Testing Center
(The ASU online admissions application must be completed prior to registering for ASU TSI tests. 
See the dual credit page regarding ASU's online DC appl.)

Howard College TSI Testing Center  


TSIA2 Learning Resources

  • Click on "Enter Student Site"
  • Click on "Mathematics Learning Resources," or English/Language Arts Resources





  • Valuable practice - Taking the PSAT can help you become familiar with the format of the test, as well as the pacing required on a timed college entrance exam.

  • Detailed Score Report - This report not only list your scores, it also shows how you compare to other collegebound Texas students in your grade.

  • Excellent Feedback - Your score report will also identify your strengths/weakness and will provide tips on how to improve your scores.

  • National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test - Juniors who have high scores on the PSAT could qualify as a Commended Scholar or National Merit Scholar, which could result in increased scholarship and admissions opportunities.

Free online preparation for

PrepSTEP (SAT/ACT, PSAT, STAAR) Ask the LVHS Librarian or your Counselor for the password.

March to Success (SAT/ACT)

Mometrix Academy (PSAT, SAT, ACT, TSI)

TSI Practice Questions/Study Guide (TSI/Accuplacer- Test to prove "College Readiness")



Do you need assistance in identifying a career field that matches your natural interests and abilities?  If so, the LVHS College & Career Center can help!  The College & Career Center is located in the Counseling Center in room A102D.  Ms. Purtell can assist students in the completion of college admissions, financial aid applications, SAT/ACT registration, College Searches, as well as Career Interest Inventories.  Email Theresa Purtell if you would like to schedule an appointment.