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Virtual Academy

The San Angelo ISD Virtual Academy is our virtual learning platform that we are utilizing for online instruction beginning in the fall of 2020. The Virtual Academy utilizes a learning platform called Edgenuity for video-based, self-paced instruction, while SAISD teachers will monitor students’ academic progress and activity.


Edgenuity is an accredited, research-based learning platform that provides video-based instruction in an online platform that is aligned to our state standards. The videos will provide recorded instruction by teachers from within the platform; however, they are not live. This program, which is accredited and aligned to the Texas standards, allows SAISD to promote students to the next grade level and award high school credits.

Students have the flexibility to sign in and do their daily requirements at any time of day as long as they are active for the required amount of time daily. Students also have flexibility to work on the courses in the order or sequence that they prefer; however, they will be required to show progress in each course weekly. To be successful in the VLA, secondary students should expect to spend a comparable amount of time each day working in Edgenuity as they would spend attending traditional, in-person school, which equates to approximately 6-8 hours depending upon course load.  For students who are enrolled in advanced courses (pre-AP or AP courses), these time requirements could be increased due to an increase in workload and additional homework requirements. This will be monitored by our SAISD teachers and they will check in if your student is not meeting his or her daily time and work requirements.

Edgenuity Videos

Many more videos about the Edgenuity platform including sample lessons are available on the Edgenuity Video Library.

Edgenuity Research

Edgenuity is devoted to developing innovative, research-based curriculum that raises student achievement. Click the following links to see how the curriculum and instruction in Edgenuity Courseware has been proven to help students succeed.

  • Real Results from Online Learning with Edgenuity - Read success stories from other school districts including research briefs and case studies demonstrating the impact of Edgenuity’s learning solutions.
  • Success with Edgenuity - See the gains students in Texas have demonstrated after working in Edgenuity's online courses and curriculum.
  • Edgenuity + Texas - Learn how Edgenuity's learning solutions propel student success and give Texas teachers the tools they need to deliver more effective instruction.
Edgenuity Login Information

Elementary School
Go to: 
Login: Username: ANGELOid# (Example: student ID # of 12345, login as ANGELO12345)
Password: Date of Birth – could be in 1 of 2 formats – MDDYYYY or MMDDYYYY depending on the student’s birth month. If the month is a single digit, no zero is needed, just the number for the month. The day will always be two digits. (Examples: June 10, 2010 – 6102010 – MDDYYYY; October 6, 2012 – 10062012 )

Middle School and High School
Go to:
Login:  ANGELOid#  (Example: student ID # of 65723, login is ANGELO65723)
Password:  Date of Birth in the format of MMDDYYYY (Example:  07062012 for July 6, 2012)

Academic Support

Students have access to a Learning Management System called Schoology to conference with an SAISD teacher during office hours or at scheduled times for live academic support within the platform. To ensure his or her availability, these times should be scheduled with the teacher ahead of time. Our SAISD teachers are working with many virtual students so communication with your teacher is key when support is needed.

Course Availability

Certain course options are limited within the SAISD Virtual Academy. A course offering for both in-person and the Virtual Academy is available here.

We have worked to ensure that the courses in our Virtual Academy are aligned to the in-person instructional option. However, regardless of where students enter either option, our teachers will work to ensure that students are successful and any academic gaps are filled. 

Extracurricular Opportunities

We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for students enrolled in the Virtual Academy to attend some of our extracurricular courses in-person. Activities identified as opportunities for Virtual Academy students include athletics, cheer, Chiefettes, Tex-Anns, band, choir, orchestra, mariachi, theater arts, technical theater, JROTC, and speech and debate. The parent or the student (if he/she drives) will be responsible for transportation to and from the school to participate in the extracurricular activities during his/her normally scheduled class period for the extracurricular. Students will have the same requirements as in-person students for attendance in these programs.

Fore more information, visit our Back to School FAQ page.