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Lake View was [*originally] organized [under the name Harris School] as Common School District #1 in the year 1905. One teacher [Miss Frances Arozena] and seven students occupied a frame building 36' x 40'. Instruction was offered through the first seven grades. [Became "Lake View" in Sept 1911

An eight room brick building was constructed in 1923. At that time, we had four teachers and forty-four students. March 24, 1928, Lake View was dedicated an Independent School District. A High School building, containing eight rooms and an auditorium, was added. Six teachers were employed to instruct twenty-three students in High School and sixty-four children in the elementary grades. 

The gym and three additional elementary rooms were added in 1936. [Marble plaque now on the Lake View monument says 1938-39; the gym completed in the summer of 1939 per two newspaper reports] We then had twenty teachers, and five hundred and seventy-one students. 

The new High School building was erected in 1946. [It was funded in 1946 but not finished until 1948, including Lake View's first football stadium] The original High School building was remodeled and made into the Junior High building. We also added a cafeteria, band hall and shop building. Thirty-five teachers were employed, and the enrollment was 1057. 

Bradford Elementary School was completed in 1951. This building has fourteen class rooms and a cafeteria. May 11, 1953, the entire community suffered from a tornado which caused $235,000.00 damage to the school buildings and equipment. Repairs and additions were completed, and 1953-54 classes began on schedule. 

Day Elementary, with six rooms and cafeteria, Holiman Elementary, with eight rooms and cafeteria, were built in 1954. The Lake View Independent School System now has seventy-three classrooms plus offices, four cafeterias, two libraries, band hall, shop and athletic building. Seventy-nine teachers and instructors are employed, and the enrollment is 2157. 

High School Colors: Blue and White 

[Bracketed data updates from a 2016 Lake View history book titled, "Everything Lake View (Almost) from 1908 to 1949: A Pictorial History" by Duane Helweg, Lake View Class of 1964; sources: Tome Green County Commissioner Common School District ledgers 1905 — 1927 microfilmed San Angelo Standard newspaper]